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Mondeo Jaguar FO21 Quick Opener + Pin Codes Reader WITHOUT CASE

Mondeo Jaguar FO21 Quick Opener + Pin Codes Reader WITHOUT CASE
Mondeo Jaguar FO21 Quick Opener + Pin Codes Reader WITHOUT CASE
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Generally, there are some rules of this tool.

1. The rotating pin has 2 types. One is black color, the other one is silver color.

When need to open the lock in counter-clockwise direction,the silver color pins should be on the left side, if in clockwise direction, then, it is the black color pins should be on the left side.

The door lock should be opened in counter-clockwise direction.

The glove box lock should be opened in clockwise direction

2.The FO21 lock has arc shape gaps on it. We tune the tool to adjust the dectetor teeth to make the lock pins fall on the biggest gaps. Because only when the lock pin is on the biggest gap, the lock can be opened.

3.After all the detector teeth make each lock pin on its biggest gap, the lock will be opened. And DO NOT forget to open it in the correct direction. Door lock turn to left side, glove box lock turn to right side. Or probabaly it will break the lock or tool.

4. After you open the lock, if you need to make a new key for this lock, should keep all the rotating pins still, don't move them, and insert the aligning rod carefully. Write down the lockpins numbers from pin no.1 to pin no.6. Each pin might has 4 numbers, 1 or 2 or 3 or 4. According to the pin numbers you wrote down, now compose a mold key. For example the pin codes of pin no.1 to pin no.6 are: 3 4 3 2 2 1 So put the code teeth 1 2 2 3 4 2 one by one into the code teeth holder to make a key mold for cutting the new key.

5.Put this mold key on the clip which is specially for FO21, then cut the new keys.

It should be easy to use this tool, we have DVD with english title for it too, you will be more clear after you watch the video.


This tool is designed mostly for reading the FO21 lock pin codes. It can open the FO21 locks easily, but please DO NOT use it to open the lock only when you have to, or this tool's life time will be shorten. And please do remember do each step patiently and gently, especially before you know how to use this tool well.

To open the FO21 lock, You can:

1. Use the key mold with the teeth which you got from reading, try to use the temporary key to open the lock.

2. Or you can also use our another tool call "QUICK OPENER" which is designed to open the F021 lock only.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 22 June, 2010.

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